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About me

Traductrice - SUN TraductionsFrench nationality with Chinese origin, I work as full-time freelance translator. I've got 3 Maste's degrees, one is about International Affairs majoring in Marketing/Business Management/Company Taxation/Economy, the other is related to Business Management specializing in (Finance/Accounting/Management/Marketing/Corporate Law and last one is International trade. As a translator, I would like to use my skills in culture and languages to play a role of bridge for the world. As my objective of translation as concerned, it is to be as literal as possible and as interpretative as necessary and also to stick as much as possible to the meaning not really from a language to another but from a culture to another.


Translation Services


  1. Translations
  2. Proofreading, editing, and correction
  3. Oral Interpretation Services


Language combinations

I can provide the most accurate translations with language pairs as below :

- French>Chinese

- Chinese>French